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Writer. Editor. Storyteller.

Danielle Page is a New York based writer, editor and brand journalist.

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8 Seasoned travelers on the item they never leave home without

The trickiest part of packing? You won’t know how good a job you did until your trip is underway.

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How to Be Funny

As it turns out, the ability to make other people laugh comes with a host of health benefits.

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Paying for college while saving for retirement

Here are a few tactics and resources to help achieve both objectives.

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How To Diagnose And Treat HPV In Men

"Safety first" applies to a lot of things in life, but especially when it comes to your sexual health.

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The Best Proven At-Home STD Test Kits - AskMen

Worried you might have caught something? These are the best at-home STD tests.

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8 hassle-free travel tips for your easiest trip yet

Seasoned travelers share their best tips for avoiding the typical travel trials and tribulations.

Clubmed article

No regrets vacation guide: How to vacation on your own terms

Do what you want on vacation -- not what you think you should.

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Dating like a grown up kind of sucks

When you're nostalgic for naivete.

Smuckers article

7 Ways To Simplify Your Favorite Appetizers

Easy ways to take your appetizer game to the next level.

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Women's Health Magazine

I Auditioned for 'The Bachelor'—Here's What the Open Call Is Like

"Describe your past relationship history."

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The All-Purpose Guide To Pairing Pizza And Adult Beverages

Here are the ideal brews, cocktails, and wines to go with all of your favorite slices.

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Must-listen adventures to escape without leaving your couch

Finally, we’re able to put everything down and enjoy the time spent away from all that’s required of us – and do something we love instead.

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Reality Check: Is Your Relationship With Alcohol a Healthy One?

The grey area between sober and alcoholic.

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This Is Your Vagina On Weed Lube

"I'm not sure whether or not you can get addicted to a lube made from a drug, but I've been pretty hooked on this stuff ever since I first gave it a try."

Egg freezing a step by step guide min 1 741x484 article

Egg Freezing: A Step By Step Timeline

How long it actually takes to freeze your assets.