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Danielle Page

Writer. Editor. Storyteller.

Danielle Page is a New York based writer, editor and brand journalist.

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Thought Catalog

There's A Game I Play When I'm About To Cry Called 'Pick A Memory'

There’s a game I play when I’m just on the edge of tears, and if I start early enough, it tends to keep them at bay.

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Thought Catalog

This Is To The Man Who Followed Me Home | Thought Catalog

“Don’t be afraid of me because I’m black.”

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Thought Catalog

5 Things You Never Realized About Owning Cats

While I could go on for many, many paragraphs about why cats are the superior pet to own, there are certain, less obvious perks that come with having a cat that need to be recognized.

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Thought Catalog

How To Be The First Person At Happy Hour

Evaluate the last timestamp of each of your friend’s “On my way!” text messages from your group chat, along with how far they’re each travelling to get to the bar, and debate whether or not you should stand outside for 20 minutes waiting, or just start drinking already.

Thought Catalog

When You're Drunk-Hungry | Thought Catalog

Being drunk-hungry might lure you into a less recognized option for late-night eating: a 24-hour pharmacy. Since you can use your debit card here, you will feel compelled to buy every snack you see...

Thought Catalog

5 Types Of Single Ladies | Thought Catalog

You've got your eggs in more baskets than the Easter Bunny.

Thought Catalog

Types Of Girlfriends I Wish I Could Be | Thought Catalog

I'm drunk at a party where someone is singing karaoke, when all of a sudden the guy next to me drops the line, "His voice is like a mix of Fergie and Jesus," to which his girlfriend swiftly replie...

Thought Catalog

I'm Not Seeing Anyone Special | Thought Catalog

I've recently discovered a little diversion technique that's become extremely useful to me, and I feel like I should share.

Thought Catalog

How Long Should You Wait? | Thought Catalog

They are not you. They don't have the authority to decide whether or not it makes you a slut if you sleep with that guy on date number three. They're only going on what they've heard, from expert s...

Thought Catalog

How To Act Crazy Over Someone You Like | Thought Catalog

Wonder if you're coming off too needy and stop responding so readily, then decide that you're acting too aloof and shoot him some random pointless message, which you will then overanalyze and regre...

Thought Catalog

How To Move Out Of Your Boyfriend's Apartment | Thought Catalog

Stop asking yourself if you're doing the right thing. You are doing the right thing. It's just that you're used to feeling, well, right when you do the right thing.

Thought Catalog

What Happens When You Fall In Love At The Office | Thought Catalog

That voice in the back of your head, the one that keeps asking, what if this doesn't work out? Would you survive losing a friend and a lover in one fell swoop? Could you handle facing your co-worke...

Thought Catalog

What Happens When You First Move To New York | Thought Catalog

You won't know the mistake you've made until after things have ended, and those same streets and subways start to haunt you. Those spots, your spots, the ones that you so willingly shared with that...