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Danielle Page is a New York based writer, editor and brand journalist.

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Menu article

How To Navigate A Fancy Menu Like A Pro

My parents are restauranteurs, and as such, I’m always the one decoding the menu lingo for my friends when we’re out to dinner. If you don’t have a fancy food menu translator in your inner circle, or are looking to impress a date with your extensive food knowledge, I’m here to help! Here are a few menu terms you’ll probably see if you decide to dine at an upscale restaurant, and what will actually appear on your plate if you order each.

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5 Ways A Side Hustle Improves Your Life

Since launching ThisIsQuarterlife.com, I’ve mastered everything from how to fill out a 401k to how to fill in those forehead wrinkles, but the most important thing I’ve learned has been all of the ways that having a side hustle improves your life (aside from the extra dough). Read on for a list of reasons to stop talking about that project you’ve been thinking of launching, and get started right now!

Friendship article

5 Signs You Should End A Friendship

Friendship expert Nicole Zangara offers five tell-tale signs of friendships that you should end in your mid20s, and a few ways to let them down easy.

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Why Your Forehead Wrinkles First (And How To Fight Back)

While there’s no magic cure, there are a few steps you can take to reduce those lines and prevent further damage (aside from keeping your expressions to a minimum). Read on for some expert advice on how to fight back against forehead wrinkles.

Wine article

The Quarterlife Guide to Wine

If you're looking to expand your wine knowledge past boxes of Franzia, read this comprehensive guide to all things wine.

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The Quarterlife Guide To Finding Health Insurance

Before you go with the cheapest health insurance option you’re offered, or decide to opt for a diet that’s high in vitamin C instead, take a look at what we learned from our expert during our interview about the best options for quarterlife health insurance.

Working article

How To Ask For A Raise

If you think that your boss is going to throw you some extra dough as long as you keep up the hard work, think again.

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All Of Your Awkward Wedding Etiquette Questions -- Answered

"Can I bring my sister as my plus one?" and other awkward wedding etiquette questions -- answered.

Happyforotherpeople article

How To Be Happy For Other People

It sounds basic enough, right? But the reality is, our age group accounts for 40% of the nation’s unemployed, and averages around $30,000 in student loan debt. Pair that with a slew of terrible Tinder dates and suddenly, being happy for a friend who just landed a new $80K dream job or fairy tale engagement to Mr. Right becomes harder than it should be.

Open uri20140729 27428 7wtf5m article

7 Ways Friendship Benefits Your Health

You already know that spending time with your friends feels good, but did you know that heading to your girls happy hour or bros night out is actually making you healthier? Nicole Zangara, author of Surviving Female Friendships, shared 7 ways that friendship adds to your overall health. Read on for some surprising statistics!

Laurie3 article

Welcome To 25 — Voice And Piano Instructor Laurie Anne Creus

Find out what Laurie Anne had to say about following your dreams, establishing your worth in the art world, and her thoughts on turning the big 2-5.

Open uri20140717 20927 157910c article

The 411 On Your 401k

The most important (and overlooked) packet of paperwork you'll fill out in your 20s is your 401k. Read our guide on how to do it!

Open uri20140806 12641 ogab0b article

Welcome to 25 -- World Traveler Connor Mensching

Moving to a foreign country, where you don’t know a single person or speak the language, sounds pretty terrifying — but for graduate student Connor Mensching, it was just his post-college plan.

Andreaboehlke article

Welcome To 25: Survivor Favorite Andrea Boehlke

Survivor favorite Andrea Boehlke shares her wisdom on friendship, relationships, and turning 25!

Michelle article

Welcome to 25: Makeup Artist Michelle Schultz

We caught up with Michelle just after she got back from her birthday getaway in Lake George to see what she had to say about her career as a makeup artist so far, and everything that comes with turning the big 2-5.