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Danielle Page is a New York based writer, editor and brand journalist.

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Smuckers article

7 Ways To Simplify Your Favorite Appetizers

Easy ways to take your appetizer game to the next level.

Screen shot 2016 10 24 at 3.14.47 pm article

The All-Purpose Guide To Pairing Pizza And Adult Beverages

Here are the ideal brews, cocktails, and wines to go with all of your favorite slices.

Dana article

Artist Dana Louise Kirkpatrick On How To Make Art Out Of Anything

“I drove the alley that runs behind Melrose Avenue picking up doors, shutters, whatever. I used whatever I could. It's just blank space and a surface. Doesn't matter if it's a door you have to hose off or a bolt of gorgeous canvas.”

Jenny article

Chef Jenny Dorsey On Building An Underground Supper Club

“There’s never a good time to pursue your dreams. No one is going to look out for your career except for you."

Smallspace article

Easy Tips For Throwing A Holiday Party In A Small Space

With the right supplies and a little bit of know-how, it's completely possible to pull off a party that doesn't cut back on festivities — or attendees.

Screen shot 2016 10 12 at 11.24.02 am article

An Illustrated Guide To Frozen Food Ingredients

There are a lot of seriously bizarre ingredients listed on the back of frozen food packages.

Davina article

Mixologist Davina Thomasula On Crafting The Perfect Cocktail

“A lot of people don’t realize you can make a career out of something you love if you love it enough.”

Screen shot 2016 08 21 at 6.59.08 pm article

How To Switch Careers & Get Closer To Your Dream Job

Tips for identifying your purpose and finding a job that fits with your values.

Screen shot 2016 08 21 at 7.06.13 pm article

12 Best Sex Toys For Beginners

What’s an unseasoned shopper to do when trying to scout out a good buy for your first sex toy?

Screen shot 2015 11 03 at 2.38.02 pm article

9 People Share The Worst Relationship Advice They've Been Given ...

It's a fact: Folks love to give unsolicited relationship advice.

Screen shot 2016 01 13 at 12.01.00 pm article

People Reveal The Worst Things Their Exes Did After The Breakup

At least you didn't act like this, am I right?

1 article

10 Worst Things People Do On A First Date | Bustle

Dating can be pretty damn terrible.

Tinder article

I Used Guys' Awful Opening Messages On Tinder...

I've learned that there's absolutely nothing that you can't get away with saying on this app.

Literally. Nothing.

1 article

10 People Share The Sexiest Thing They've Ever Heard In Bed ...

Want an instant boost for your sex life? Start talking dirty.

1 article

The 10 Worst Things People Do On Dating Apps | Bustle

If you're planning on dipping your toe into the world of online dating or dating apps, you better have a thick skin.