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Danielle Page is a New York based writer, editor and brand journalist.

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Raspberries Aren’t Berries and 9 Other Shocking Food Facts

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: these food facts will change everything.

Dance like beyonce article

I Took a Class to Learn How to Dance Like Beyoncé

Let’s be real — I would sign up for any class that promised to teach me how to do anything like Queen Bey. But since “How to Be Like Beyoncé 101″ is still not being offered as an e-course (share the wealth if you’ve heard otherwise), I took Banana Skirt Productions up on their offer to learn how to dance the ‘End of Time’ routine — just like Beyoncé.

1 article

The Right Athletic Shoe For Whatever You're Doing

Athletic shoes aren’t one type fits all. Here’s what to wear, based on how you’re building a sweat.

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8 Fall Pullovers You Need For After Class | The Warm Up |

After you work up a sweat, you’ll need a pullover to stay warm. Already have one? You need more.

1 article

5 Amazing Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Athletic Wear

Ready for Halloween? Only have fitness wear? No problem.

Wedding season v3 article

It’s Wedding Season! Take These Dance Classes to Get Ready

Wedding season is in full swing, which means you’re probably about to find yourself out on a dance floor pretty soon. Pick up some new moves while you work up a sweat thanks to these 10 ClassPass classes – just make sure you don’t outshine the bride, k?

Blogassets sunscreen101 v2 article

What You Need to Know About Sun Protection

To keep you safe while you’re enjoying outdoor workouts or walking to class, we rounded up some of the best sunscreens, hats, sunglasses and clothing on the market.

10 ridiculous ways to get out of your gym article

10 Ridiculous Ways to Get Out of Your Gym Membership

PS: We don’t actually recommend or endorse doing any of these – but hey, it might be worth a shot!

Blogassets moisturewicking2 article

What is Moisture Wicking? Do You Need It In Your Workout Clothes?

Wearing clothes that keep you dry during a workout does sound pretty awesome, but how does moisture wicking work?

Blogassets overtraining3 640x437 article

How to Know If You're Overtraining

Here are a few ways to tell if you’re not giving your body enough rest, plus steps to take if you’ve overexerted yourself.

Blogassets stopfromoverheating article

How to Keep From Overheating

We asked experts to give their best tips for staying cool while sweating it out during your summer workouts.

Mocktails promo image article

ClassPass Blog | 5 Summer Mocktails For Your Water Bottle

Read on for five recipes that will make staying hydrated even more delicious. Your water bottle will thank you.

Blogassets crazyclasses article

ClassPass Blog | I Took Three Classes I Usually Don't And…

I forced myself out of my workout class comfort zone and tried three classes I would have never signed up for otherwise! Read on for my experiences at three very different, but totally awesome classes offered by ClassPass.

Blogassets endurance2 article

ClassPass Blog | Feel Like Giving Up 10 Minutes In? Here’s How to Build Your Stamina

Here are five expert tips for training your body to last longer during your workouts. You’ll be powering through class like a champion in no time!

Blogassets whentothrowout article

Here’s When to Throw Out or Replace Your Workout Gear

Expert tips on when to replace your workout gear -- plus a few fun additions for your workout wardrobe, because the best part of throwing out the old is buying the new!