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Danielle Page is a New York based writer, editor and brand journalist.

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29 044602 how to diagnose and treat hpv in men article

How To Diagnose And Treat HPV In Men

"Safety first" applies to a lot of things in life, but especially when it comes to your sexual health.

31 023627 the best proven at home std test kits article

The Best Proven At-Home STD Test Kits - AskMen

Worried you might have caught something? These are the best at-home STD tests.

Screen shot 2017 01 26 at 10.21.23 pm article

The Best Winter Sex Positions

Baby it's cold outside...

06 023846 bathroom sex positions article

Best Bathroom Sex Positions

And we're not just talking shower sex.

03 125705 what her favorite sex position says about her article

What Her Favorite Sex Position Says About Her - AskMen

You can tell a lot about a woman by the choices that she makes — from her preferred drink at the bar to the way she wears her hair to the guys she swipes right on on dating apps. But nothing is quite as revealing as her sex position of choice.

Screen shot 2017 01 26 at 10.01.42 pm article

Booty Call Etiquette

How to turn that one night stand into a repeat customer.

Screen shot 2017 01 26 at 10.02.33 pm article

The Best Songs To Make Love To

Steamy playlists for next level love making.

Screen shot 2017 01 26 at 10.09.08 pm article

Women Reveal The Sex Toys That Revolutionized Their Sex Lives

You never forget your first vibrator.

Sex article

How To Master The Woman's G-Spot - AskMen

Everything you need to know.

Screen shot 2017 01 26 at 10.15.59 pm article

Women Reveal Sex Products They Wish Men Owned

A few suggestions for your shopping list.

Screen shot 2016 10 11 at 3.49.37 pm article

9 Women Reveal What Squirting Is Really Like

What it's really like to squirt.

Screen shot 2016 10 11 at 3.38.00 pm article

Edging 101: How To Drive Your Woman Wild

Good things come to those who wait.

1 article

You Can Date a Coworker (But Read This First)

Dating your coworker isn't exactly a straightforward situation.

Screen shot 2016 01 13 at 12.12.16 pm article

Pickup Lines That Actually Work On Women

Looking to get lucky? Try these ten lines tonight.